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2500$ - 4500$, NET
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The Evrone team is engaged in product development for startups and helps with the digital transformation of businesses in the USA and Europe.

We are engaged in technically complex, high-load, science-intensive projects — projects with complex business logic or large server infrastructures. We are trusted with analytics, interface design, development, infrastructure, and operations. We can serve as the primary technical team of the project, or we can consult and empower our clients’ existing teams.

In addition, Evrone contributes to the advancement of the developer community. We oversee the largest Ruby conference in Eastern Europe, hold technical meetups, issue our own news digest, and sponsor and organize conferences on Go, Python, React/Vue, and functional languages.

Our engineers speak at leading conferences in Europe and contribute to open source projects, and we interview community leaders and write articles on the hottest topics in the industry. This year we set up a stand and spoke at the Highload and TeamLeadConf conferences.

The entire team has been working remotely since 2008. We know how to organize distributed development comfortably and efficiently. However, we do have offices available for work and meetings, as well as sales offices in San Francisco and Berlin.

The stack we use in our work: React (create-react-app, Next.js, React-Query, SWR, react-hook-form), Redux (redux-thunk, redux-toolkit), Apollo (GraphQL), MobX (mobx-state-tree), TypeScript.

Tasks: Join one of our existing development teams and participate in various company projects. You can read about our latest projects here: https://evrone.com/cases. We are currently looking for Middle / Middle+ / Senior. Salary depends on the level and is determined after passing a technical interview.



We want to see that you:

  • Have worked with JS frameworks and component libraries (priority is React/Redux).
  • Have deliberately used Redux with middlewares and high-order addons (redux-api, redux-saga, redux-*).
  • Are confident at developing mockups and layouts (we especially appreciate Figma and Zeplin).
  • Understand and practice working with data on the server, and at the same time, understand the principles of the client-server architecture.
  • Are not afraid to look into the backend. You have general knowledge of the main languages ​​and popular web frameworks, and you understand OOP, MVC, patterns, etc.
  • Know HTML, CSS, cross-browser valid layout, and CSS/SCSS frameworks.

Familiarity with TypeScript is a plus, and we appreciate it when candidates provide a Github link in their resume.



What we offer:

  • Remote, full-time work — We do not care where you work from in the world, only the results are important. But if you want to go to one of our offices, they are in San Francisco and Berlin.
  • “Soft” schedules — All we ask is that you synchronize time zones and have work time intersections with the team.
  • High-quality onboarding and HR management (one-on-one growth reviews). We help you fulfill your goals—not let you stagnate in your career. When forming a project team, we take into account the professional and personal interests of developers.
  • Work with a multi-age, inclusive, and amazingly friendly and professional team.
  • A well-organized, trust-based workflow—no bureaucracy.

One of Evrone's values ​​is to make work enjoyable.

To accomplish this, we introduced Evrone Benefits. Each team member is allocated an annual budget, which is automatically replenished at the start of each new year of your work at Evrone. It can be spent in a variety of useful ways, including:

  • VHI and health
  • Sports or gym memberships or sports equipment
  • Foreign language courses
  • Equipment for work and improvement of your workplace
  • Education (courses, training, master classes, seminars, books, and conferences)


  • Awards for local success and excellent work in general.
  • Automatic salary indexation, without the need to ask someone about it, as well as salary increases as your competencies grow.
  • Bonuses for attracting new employees and new customers.
  • Additional bonuses for speaking at conferences and meetups.
  • You will also have the opportunity to take part in conducting paid technical interviews with specialists who may become your colleagues.

Training and growth of competencies:

  • We hold internal meetups on Frontend.
  • We have a mentoring culture. A mentor will help you with daily tasks and career planning.
  • You can advance your professional level with the help of the Evrone Challenge assessment system.
  • We have an internal library with e-books and recorded courses.
  • We work and make friends with international customers, so there is an opportunity to practice your foreign language skills.

Opportunity to become a speaker or author:

  • If you want to speak at an offline conference, we will help you prepare the content for the report and make cool slides. Evrone DevRel (Grigory Petrov) will help you prepare for your presentation at the conference, provide support at the conference itself, and prepare materials for your report. Also, Evrone will pay all of your expenses for preparation, travel, and participation in the conference.
  • If you want to speak at an online conference, in addition to helping you prepare a report and select a conference, we will arrange for you to film or broadcast your report.
  • We write blog posts for popular platforms throughout the world. Our editors and professional writers release new content weekly.
  • If you have written an article, we will draw illustrations for it and help you design and publish it. If you only have an idea, the editors will help you formulate your thoughts, arrange the post yourself, and publish it correctly for maximum coverage. And of course, Evrone will pay for the hours and any costs spent preparing the material.

Ability to contribute to open source:

  • If you have popular open source projects, we will help with their promotion and provide support in development.
  • If you contribute to popular open source projects, we will pay for the hours you put into it.
  • If you don’t do any of this, but you really want to start, Evrone has mentors who will help you take the first steps. They will pick tasks for you to start, help you solve them, and arrange the right PR.

Rest and devirtualization:

Evrone holds several events each year that bring our entire team together. No matter where you are, you will definitely get the chance to meet your team members in person. And the company will pay for your travel and all corporate expenses associated with these events.

Вакансия уже неактуальна и находится в архиве